CEO Jose ‘Ademir’ Grecco founded Grecco Service (now WRNGLR PROS) in 2005, extending his services to over 400 clients encompassed within the tri-state area. Prior to and throughout his career, Grecco’s close involvement with Jeeps has enabled him unique artfulness and insight, ensuring your Jeep the highest quality servicing and care. Grecco consistently prides his company and employees on efficiency, professionalism, and respect.

The inspiration for Grecco’s business was derived from his experience working at a Jeep dealership, when a salesman had asked him to do a top switch for a client. Grecco did not hesitate, taking the top to fix up in his storage shed. Word of mouth quickly spread regarding the quality of his work, and Grecco soon after had ten clients. Now 15 years in the running, what had started with one client has turned into a fruitful business with over 400 clients all across New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.